Will Verge/Tron reach $1 USD? | TRX Vs XVG Price Prediction 2018

In this post we will discuss Verge and Tron coins, will they cross $1 benchmark in next year 2018? If yes then when and how?  So keep reading this post till the end so that you will not miss anything important about prediction of Verge and Tron for year 2018, 2019 and 2020. If we compare both Verge and Tron, Tron is a newbie for Verge as Verge is there in the market since last 3 years while on other hand Tron has just completed 3 months in the market of cryptocurrencies. But Tron is also performing way better than other existing crypto coins. Rankings of Tron and Verge in the list of TOP highest market capitalization are 19 and 20 respectively.

Will Verge reach $1?

First we will inform you the previous data related to price, value or cost of 1 Verge in United States Dollar. Although we cannot be dependent on the analysis of past data in case of future prediction or forecast of cryptocurrencies. So here is the month wise price or cost of Verge from the month October 2014.

Previous Data of Verge Price/Cost
Month and YearVerge Price/Cost in USD
October 20140.000007
November 20140.000004
December 20140.000003
January 20150.000005
February 20150.000023
March 20150.000012
April 20150.000014
May 20150.000014
June 20150.000013
July 20150.000017
August 20150.000014
September 20150.000016
October 20150.000015
November 20150.000015
December 20150.000017
January 20160.000015
February 20160.000052
March 20160.000129
April 20160.000050
May 20160.000026
June 20160.000026
July 20160.000026
August 20160.000023
September 20160.000024
October 20160.000023
November 20160.000022
December 20160.000019
January 20170.000027
February 20170.000024
March 20170.000050
April 20170.000092
May 20170.000745
June 20170.002963
July 20170.002963
August 20170.005125
September 20170.006800
October 20170.005599
November 20170.005435
December 20170.138123


Looking at the past figures it looks like Verge is increasing steadily and there are few jumps and down but in the last two months we can see the huge growth because of increasing investment and alternative to bitcoin people are preferring other top coins for better future.

And as per our personal prediction Verge will cross 1$ benchmark soon in the late February 2018 or in the beginning of March 2018. This is just a prediction it may come true or false, so you should not rely on this predictions blindly, as the cost of Cryptocurrency depends upon many factors such as investors, count of investors, trends, properties of Cryptocurrency such as speed of transaction and fees per transaction and many more. We can simply predict forecast price on the basis of past figures, current trending and properties of Crypto currencies but no one can be sure about it 100%.

Verge Vs Tron
Verge Vs Tron

Will Tron reach $1?

Answer is yes in the upcoming year 2018, Tron will definitely reach $1 price. Today’s price or cost of 1 Tron is around 0.037$ USD, however it will soon cross the benchmark of $1 USD in the month of April or May of 2018. Tron is available in the market since September 2017. We will list out the month wise cost of Tron in USD same as Verge we have listed down.

Previous Data of  Tron Price/Cost
Month and YearVerge Price/Cost in USD
September 20170.001983
October 20170.002951
November 20170.002090
December 20170.036722


So looking at the above figures we can surely say that yes this Tron price will cross cost of 1$ USD soon. According to trends and current market situation we can forecast that Tron will achieve or reach this amount in or before late April 2018.

TRX Price Prediction 2018

Here in this para we will discuss the forecast for TRX price in the next year 2018. So that it will be easy for you to calculate rough figure if you are thinking to invest in TRX. One thing we will warn you before going ahead this are just prediction and may not come true. As no one can give 100% guarantee of prediction or forecast, so you will have to responsible for any losses in investment you make in future in this cryptocurrencies.

So this are the predicted price of TRX in the year 2018,

TRX Price Prediction 2018
Month and YearTRX price in USD
January 20180.101354
February 20180.392344
March 20180.713334
April 20181.034324
May 20181.355314
June 20181.676304
July 20181.997294
August 20182.318284
September 20182.639274
October 20182.960264
November 20183.281254
December 20183.602244

XVG Price Prediction 2018

As XVG is available in the market since last 3 years, it has built up trust and belief in the mind of investors, so this will definitely help XVG to reach next level in the next year 2018. Below we have provided prediction of XVG for the year 2018 in USD. It is based on the past performance of XVG and also current market trend we can see. But before going ahead we again want to warn you that don’t rely on this prediction 100% it may change or became false as per future market trends. This figures are just for a rough idea that how will be performance of XVG if market condition is in favor of XVG.

XVG Price Prediction 2018
Month and YearXVG price in USD
January 20180.536187
February 20181.020394
March 20181.155398
April 20181.487118
May 20181.818838
June 20182.150558
July 20182.482278
August 20182.813998
September 20183.145718
October 20183.477438
November 20183.809158
December 20184.140878


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