WWE RAW 25th Anniversary 2018 Returns CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Undertaker

WWE Raw 25th Anniversary 2018

Longest weekly television show completed 25 year of launched and which is going to schedule on 22nd January 2018 and already it is trending on Twitter and other social media, because they officially announced legend of wrestling history, as Triple H will reuniting with Shawn Michael and making comeback as Degeneration X Team and after shocking retirement match with Roman Reigns fans of dead man wanted to know he actual retire or announcing for next match, which is going to revealed in this Show and Raw not only celebrating anniversary but this is RAW before Royal Rumble, which is second most popular Pay per view of WWE in which there is 30 Entrants battling to survive in ring and winner of this match will be headline to Wrestle main biggest wrestling show every which has record setter attendance as last year Randy Orton was Winner and who defeated Bray Wyatt for WWE championship from Smackdown Live Brand.

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CM Punk RAW 25

Best In the World CM Punk a greatest wrestler and longest reigning undisputed WWE champion is most wanted return for Raw 25, as this looks like happening after yesterday on WWE official Youtube channel they posted Video in which CM Punk is featuring for 1 second dropping Pipe Bomb, fans have no clue about why they put cm punk there but they did I really like their initiative, but sad news is cm punk hate WWE and chairman because of his personal issue and in recent interview owner of UFC Dana white was spotted in interview, in which reporter ask about future of cm punk in UFC in which he mentioned, he really awesome dude and very hardworking, he deserve chance and he will get his next fight very soon and few day before trainer of cm punk also posted photo of training session, in which he mentioned that punk is 100% ready for next fight now it all about official confirmation about who will be next opponent.

CM Punk RAW 25
CM Punk RAW 25

But in other world WWE chairman Vince McMahan is still following cm punk as he followed very people in that Triple h, Aj Lee and cm punk is also there which indicate good side of him and if punk is making return then this will be perfect time because as per news this RAW will be biggest episode than RAW after mania, so making appearance will get biggest pops and will see cm punk chants from fans, as fans are waiting for so long time, and right now wwe getting low attendance problem and now after Chris Jericho was doing great at New Japan Pro wrestling and Young Bucks was responded by cm punk on twitter, as we know cm punk is straight edge guy and he do things which he wanted do, so if he go there and join bullet then all wrestling will be changed and New japan pro wrestling will taking over WWE and become biggest wrestling show and they will start world tour.

After match with Kenny Omega right now chris Jericho prove why he is best wrestler of for year and also dave Meltzer given 5 star to their match and after this Kenny omega given 5 best matches in one year, he is god of wrestling so right now wwe want him to join roster to save wwe or they bring back cm punk and don’t know when it happening or not, but this show will be stole all the limelight because some other legend like Kevin Nash, MVP, Undertaker and edge expected to appear on show.

RAW 25 Chris Jericho

As many people already reported that chris Jericho is advertised for appear on anniversary, which featured out the arena and as after losing against Kenny Omega many people think Jericho done with NJPW but after that Wrestler Kingdom event there was show New year dash in which Naito was addressing his loss against Kazuchika okada and during this Jericho makes shocking entrance and attack Tetsuya Naito and then Naito throws chair on Jericho, which is clearly indicate that he will appearing for next pay per view and against Naito, as official card not yet released but as per Meltzer Jericho is not under contract with WWE and NJPW so he is free agent right now, which create chances that he will be appearing on WWE as Legend.

WWE RAW 25 Undertaker

Brother of destruction is returning to show as Kane already on raw roster and has match for Universal champions against Brock Lesnar and Brawn Stroman in Royal Rumble, so obviously he already in appearing for this show, and WWE officially announced for undertaker which will be final status of undertaker i.e. he retired or not and if he continue then who will be possible opponent for him and undertaker getting huge pops by fans.

RAW 25 Jeff Hardy

Jeff hardy who debuted in last year wrestler mania as tag team with Matt hardy but missing since last few month due to injury because of high fly moves and he is one of most talented wrestler, so he appearing in this show and may be character will not be broken because doctor not yet cleared him for wrestle, but he not going to miss Wrestlemania, as matt already getting huge response from fans because he turning into woken character which is one of the best storyline in wrestling history stated in TNA and now continue ruling in wwe also.

Stone Cold

Steve Austin Stone cold haven’t appear for year but always in touched with WWE as he previously doing podcast show for WWE but because of less viewer they cancel show so ever since he not appear and now after induced in hall of famer list, he making official comeback which is going to be biggest and huge chants will get, as along with cm punk fans are waiting for his return for long time.

Kevin Nash

Last time Kevin Nash was appeared in wwe that time he was involving in storyline with cm punk and triple h, as there is confirmation of match for wwe championship cm punk vs kevin nash, but after that match was cancel because of unknown reason, so he is also great wrestler of old time and so he making comeback will be great news for fans, as there was rumours spreading that kevin nash is not appearing because of health issue but later he posted message on twitter for fans and also mentioned I am coming.