XRB Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | Raiblocks Forecast

XRB Price Prediction

XRB is coin of RaiBlocks cryptocurrency which is showing tremendous growth from last in per day peak with average 55% ratio and expected to enter into top 10 cryptocurrency of highest market cap holder because Raiblocks having similar features like IOTA which eliminated Transaction time or nation of fees so RaiBlocks will be one of the best and steady cryptocurrency just like Ripple along with low fees there is more advanced feature is added like Low latency, Scalability, Simplicity added which not only create good responsive user experience but also system maintain their speed on transaction even there is huge load of user at time and as many other cryptocurrency gives less priority which result many low amount investor unhappy with them but in XRB they specially designed system which also gives same priority like high amount investment, as RaiBlocks total supply is 133,248,290 XRB and expected to finished till end of January month but there is news coming makers they will increase limit in upcoming days.

Year XRB Price Prediction
End of 2018 65 USD
End of 2019 110 USD
End of 2020 258 USD

Note: set above price prediction by calculating previous year price difference which apply in XRB Price for upcoming years.

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XRB Price Prediction 2018

XRB Price Prediction
XRB Price Prediction

RaiBlocks start selling and buying XRP coin in March 2017 with $0.0091 USD price and now on 1 January 2018 prices nearly touched $22 USD in terms of price change RaiBlocks in one of the fastest cryptocurrency who get more number of investor as well as miner which result in less than 10 Months Raiblocks about to enter top 10 cryptocurrency with 252647.2% peak rate, which is highest till date, as XRB showing steady growth since march to end of November month but just like other cryptocurrency showing awesome growth in December Raiblocks joins them, as on 1st December 2017 price was nearly $0.20 USD and on price of XRB on 31st December 2017 $22 USD, so in just one month with 11400% peak rate Raiblocks become mid-range cryptocurrency from low price cryptocurrency which is really achievement and following this Raiblocks officials launched XRB Wallet for Desktop and also starting providing direct Buy Option with trade exchange to other cryptocurrency.

Year XRB Price Prediction
Beginning  of 2018 25 USD
Mid of 2018 37 USD
Ending of 2018 57 USD

Note: above values set considering ups and down in prices.

XRB Price Prediction 2019

XRB prices maintain current growth rate till end of 2018 then next year i.e. 2019 will be record break for RaiBlocks by which XRB prices will reach nearly $5000 USD mark which also involve cryptocurrency crash we just witness of 23 December 2017 and there are many cryptocurrency yet to come which sure create impact on prices of cryptocurrency so maintaining same peak rate is really hard for any cryptocurrency, and as XRB starting new updates and launching some new technology which is going to help to attract more investor as 50% work of gaining people attention in Raiblocks are already done by impressive price rates now it’s all about trust of investor and security of holding XRB coin in their wallet and maintenance of currency exchange following transaction time, fees and many more.

Year RaiBlocks  Prediction
Beginning  of 2019 65 USD
Mid of 2019 90 USD
Ending of 2019 110 USD

Note: Above prediction are not 100% true.

RaiBlocks Price Prediction 2020

In Just one day RaiBlocks cryptocurrency price increased with $10 USD as on 30 December XRB per coin price was $11.5 USD and on new year eve price shifted to $10 USD, as this change looks very small as compare to other high price cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and Litecoin but in low price cryptocurrency in actual world its nearly about change in $10,000 USD which is really huge because even Bitcoin not yet increased with this rate of growth so right now investor will be having eye on Raiblocks and according to coinmarketcap report maximum supply of xrb is going to finished but there is huge chances of that supply amount must be false or expected to be increase in future and as talking about 2020 there is huge changes raiblocks will be dealing with big industry which help them to grow their value in cryptocurrency market.

Year RaiBlocks Forecast
Beginning  of 2020 165 USD
Mid of 2020 201 USD
Ending of 2020 258 USD

Note: Price expected growth with current peak ratio.

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