Yoyow Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2020, 2025 | YOYO Forecast

Yoyow Coin Price Prediction

Yoyow Coin stands on Your Own Your Own Words which means Content Excitation network based Blockchain just like Tron Cryptocurrency so following footstep this coin is also gaining attention because unique name and concept to allow user return content production, content production and investor, screening and other many factor which converted into reward so this very special platform to investor who has talent of content management, as we know there are many portal which work similar basic like Medium, Steemit and many more who pay to user for creating content, but this Yoyow become first brand who convert this business into cryptocurrency, as talking about price prediction then just like other cryptocurrency this coin also reached all time highest on 5 January 2018 with price 0.54 USD in just 4 month price increased from 0.11 USD, so coin holding strong future and expected to increase with skyrocket speed.

Month & yearPrice Prediction in USD
December 2018$5.2 USD
December 2019$18.2 USD
December 2020$35.1 USD
December 2025$150 USD

Note: with 309% average 3 month moving average above price are set

Yoyow Coin Price Prediction
Yoyow Coin Price Prediction

Yoyow Price Prediction 2018

Price noted on 19 august 2017 is 0.11 USD by maintaining till end of November 2017 with small rate of fluctuation then from 1st week of December 2017 price started surging with 309% with this in whole December month this Yoyow coin maintain average 0.33 USD price and start new year with bang and reaches all time highest on 6th January 2018 at $0.57 USD, which become trend setter and gaining attention from investor and in future till April 2018 it will reach $1 USD mark and till end of 2020 Yoyow will crossed $5 USD mark, if same per month growth rate remain same and Yoyow has to listed out content based platform and try to make partnership with them which will be help to grow their business as well as market cap value, which will be the game changer as result price also started hiking with skyrocket speed.

Month & yearPrice Prediction in USD
April 2018$1.2 USD
August 2018$3.2 USD
December 2018$5.1 USD

Note: mentioned priced set according to average December & January month performance.

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Yoyow Price Prediction 2020

Well 2020 will be interesting in cryptocurrency point of view many newly launched coins will be give tough competition in terms of peak rate, so its very hard to choose cryptocurrency, but investing right now will surely pack you good profit in 2020, so considering Yoyow cryptocurrency for long terms then it quite hard choice because already half of total supply is traded or mined and there is huge possibility that till end of 2018 remaining will be finished and it takes time to come back in stock, talking about future price prediction then a beginning of 2020 Yoyow price will be nearer to 20 USD and till end of 2020 coin it surely $30 USD mark and become of the biggest pay for content portal, as this coin currently started trading on Bitfinex and Binance and expected to launch in other famous portal of trading, which also boost number of user in future and help to increase growth.

Yoyow Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameYoyow Coin
Ticker SymbolYOYOW, YOYO
PlatformContent Blockchain
Total Supply1,000,000,000 YOYOW
Official WebsiteYoyow.org
Date of IntroducedAugust 2017
ExchangeBitfinex, Binance

Yoyow Forecast

  • Will Yoyow Reach $1 USD?

Ans: April 2018

  • When Will yoyow coin reach $5 USD?

Ans: December 2018

  • When Will Yoyow Cryptocurrency Reach $10 USD?

Ans: August 2019.

  • When Will Yoyow Coin Reach upto $100 USD?

Ans: 2025.