Zebi Price Prediction, ZCO Coin Market Cap, ICO, wiki, review, Icodrops

Zebi Price Prediction, ZCO Coin Market Cap

Hello guys, in this post we will talk about latest trending Zebi coin in USA, Australia and Netherlands. The name of this ZCO coin is very interesting and relevant, how it is relevant will be answered in below.

Zebi coin is newly emerging blockchain based technology which aims to store and protect important and sensitive data in huge amount. Zebibyte is unit of data size which is equal to 1024^7 bytes. As per ZCO, India’s Big data will rise with rate of 3 Zebibyte per year by 2020. So this name Zebi is came from unit of memory size which will India reach soon.

ZCO Price Prediction
ZCO Price Prediction

ZCO has come with technology which will result in protection against hacking, storing data in huge size sensitive data along with availability for legitimate use. Right now Indian companies and its consumers have to pay more than around 2000 billion INR per year for data crimes happening including data breach, hacks, tampering and leaks. Zebi will provide security against all the data crimes and at the same time data will be available for use and insights at any time for limited and target people which are legitimate. Below we have listed features of ZCO solutions as per Zebi.

  1. Reliable and Secure
  2. Flexible
  3. Technology enforced
  4. Efficient
  5. Data Democracy
  6. Paperless Exchange

Zebi also ready with future plan that is roadmap till the year 2020 on quarterly basis. If you are interested in investing in ZCO coin you should read below para related to ZCO exchange and ICOdrops.

Zebi Coin Market Cap

This Zebi is also known as ZCO as a short name. This ZCO ranking at position 1332 on 1st of May 2018, this ranking which is based on the real time coin market capitalizations so it will be keep changing. For latest rank please check official website coinmarketcap.com also you may visit official website of ZCO that is www.zebi.io for details and latest updates from ZCO about their products.

Current price of 1 ZCO or ZCO coin is equals to $0.11 USD dollars. There is no information available regarding Market Cap and Circulating supply as this is newly introduced coin in the market. The price value of ZCO is available from 30th April 2018 on coin market cap.

Zebi ICO, Review, Exchanges and Icodrops

IDEX and Qryptos are the markets where ZCO is available. ZCO coin is available for exchanges from 29th April 2018 10 PM. So ZCO or ZCO coin is undergoing ICO period. We don’t have details about Zebi ICO. We will update you as soon as we get info about ZCO ICO. You should always take advice from financial adviser before making any move to invest in Cryptocurrencies. This JIOMOBILEPHONE1500.com will not be responsible for any loss due to trading in cryptocurrencies. Read our disclaimer page for more details at footer of this page.

You can use MYETHERWALLET that is MEW for ZCO coin exchange. Below is the step by step guide for ZCO coin exchange:-

  1. Login and authenticate in your MYETHERWALLET account.
  2. Add ZCO coin as Custom coin in your MEW account.
  3. Verify whether token transfer is enabled.
  4. Enter Ether address and amount you have to send also select ZCO in drop down list.
  5. Before confirming note that transaction is irreversible once you send money to wrong account or address.

ZCO Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2020

As per our prediction formulas and the current market condition for ZEBI or ZCO coin, we can say ZCO will reached price of 1$ USD soon in upcoming few months. ZCO should reach around 10$ minimum till the end of the year 2020. You should not use this Zebi Price Prediction for any decision making for investment as this prediction are personal point of view and may fail.

 YearZCO Coin/Zebi Price Prediction(minimum)
2018$1 USD
2019$3 USD
2020$10 USD

ZCO coin is most trending cryptocurrencies all over the world. As ZCO coin is in its ICO period there could be huge rise in the price in short period of time. Below in the next paragraph we have provided the details about ZCO coin.

Zebi ZCO coin Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameZebi
Ticker symbolZCO Coin
TechnologyZCO Blockchain
Maximum Supply500,000,000 ZCO
Year of Introduction2016
Coinmaketcap listing29 April 2018
Official websitezebi.io