ZIL Coin (Zilliqa) Price Prediction 2018, 2020, 2025 | Zilliqa Forecast Future

Zilliqa Coin

Zilliqa Is based on one of the finest Blockchain Platform who provide world’s high throughput and specially designed to do thousands of transaction per second as many other Blockchain accept very low amount of transaction as well as it store very low number of Transaction to show proof of work and along with innovative technology they also used novel protocol which increase transaction rate as its number of transaction is increased, right now they launched cryptocurrency official and already makes announcement for future plan in which Zilliqa looking forward to Enabling Secure data-driven decentralized apps, and it also scaling requirements of machine learning and financial algorithm.

Zilliqa Price Prediction

Zilliqa having huge maximum Supply of 12,600,000,000 ZIL and right now half of supply is available for trading, exchange and mining and as we know as calculating or distributed supply coming closer to its maximum then rate of percentage of increase in price will be show skyrocket speed surge, so holding right now ZIL coin will be more profitable and bags you huge profit, as per official website this cryptocurrency gives promise to user to get very high throughput with brand new sharding technology and right now no other coins technology is consist of this cryptocurrency.

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Zilliqa Price Prediction 2018

As Zilliqa is second most fastest growing cryptocurrency and showing huge surge in ranking also as in 2017 there was distribution of Token of Zilliqa after following this they also get pretty awesome response in Initial coin offering and get listed on coinmarketcap.com on 26th January 2018 with 0.136 USD Price after that is shows reaches to all time highest on same day with 32% growth and then this coin continuous falling because of cryptocurrency crash, as no wonder because along with this coins which is listed on coinmarketcap is showing small growth or dropped rate, then in February 2018 It started showing steady growth rate with average 0.050 USD Price and now 15th February it showing average 20% daily average peak in price, so right now this coin trending in top 100 cryptocurrency list.

Month & Year Price Prediction
Beginning of 2018 $0.060 USD
Mid of 2018 $1.3 USD
End of 2018 $3.2 USD

Note: above price set according to 30% average per week growth rate.

ZIL Coin Price Prediction 2020

ZIL is ticker symbol or short code Zilliqa cryptocurrency, as talking about prediction then till end of 2018 it coin surely crossed $3 USD mark and till end of April 2018 it will reach all time highest $1 USD mark, as right now we have experience cryptocurrency crash, which become tradition in crypto world and following report of January 2018 then this year crash causing huge price dropped and also lasted little longer than previous in which many investor cash out their investment and then suddenly price started growing, so to avoid investor must need to any coin for more than 3 to 4 month for more amount of profit, so similarly ZIL is comes in long terms investment category, so short timer strictly stay away from this coin. And talking about what will be figure of price in 2020 then it surely crossed $50 USD mark and it already reaches to maximum and just like top coins bitcoin, litecoin and ripple it shows huge surge in price.

Month & Year Price Prediction
Beginning of 2020 $18 USD
Mid of 2020 $24 USD
End of 2020 $31 USD

Note: 23% Average per month peak rate.

Zilliqa Forecast

Zilliqa takes less than 25 days to enter into top 100 cryptocurrency and this coin all set to enter into top 50 cryptocurrency and many trade expert believe that this coin has good penitential just like Tron, Verge, Nano Coin and many awesome technology based coins, as Zilliqa is growing with $11 millions average per day growth in marketcap value and according report on 17th February 2018 it already crossed $400 million USD in market cap value and in few weeks it surely enter into billion club and looking at calculating supply which growing even price is showing average growth still this coin is getting huge response just because technology and also has potential to become world fastest transaction time holder cryptocurrency, as to build technology of this coin maker takes 2 years of hard work.

Zilliqa Price Prediction
Zilliqa Price Prediction

Zilliqa Prediction 2050

If you thinking for investment right now which having enough maximum supply and looking for big investment with cryptocurrency having lower price, which means you can number of coins then zilliqa will be great choice.

Cryptocurrency Name Zilliqa
Ticker Symbol ZIL Coin
Maximum Supply 12,600,000,000 ZIL
Official Website www.zilliqa.com
Date of Introduction June 2017
Technology Sharding Blockchain Technology
Exchange Gate.io
Wallet MyEther, Ledger, Metamask, Parity

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